How to Return My Lease

Are you about to return your Subaru lease vehicle? Check out your options first

When you're about to return a Subaru lease vehicle, you have more options than you might realize, especially if you return it to Delaware Subaru in Wilmington, DE. We can work with anyone who has a leased Subaru, even if you leased it somewhere else. Review the basics about what happens in the lease return process and find out some of the special opportunities you have at the end of a Subaru lease.

A few high-level facts about returning your leased Subaru

Subaru leasing is handled by Subaru Finance, so you'll hear from them when it's time to return your leased Subaru. The main event is an inspection of your leased Forester or leased Crosstrek, checking for potential damage or excess wear on your Subaru's wear-and-tear components, to determine lease-end charges you might have. Ask Subaru Motors Finance about the advantages of the complimentary pre-inspection, 45 days before your lease ends.

I've fallen in love so can I buy my leased Subaru?

It can happen to anyone. You start a relationship with your Subaru and soon realize you're in love. That's why you can buy your leased Subaru at any point during your lease contract: You don't have to wait until the end. Please remember that you might be billed for charges like remaining payments or taxes that are still on your account. If another dealer wants to buy your leased Subaru Ascent, get in touch with us to arrange those details.

If I need a few more months to find my next Subaru, can my lease go longer?

Good lease question. Contact us to see if you're qualified for a one-time extension of your lease agreement for an extra six months. To qualify, you need to be current on your monthly lease payments, along with a few other requirements. Whether you live in Hockessin, DE or Kennett Square, PA, talk with us to get more details.

Can I return my leased Subaru before the official lease-end date?

Yes, that's definitely doable but please remember there's an early termination fee, and you might have to pay other charges like any outstanding monthly payments, unpaid taxes and charges for excess miles over the annual mileage limit. Drive in from Pennsville NJ or Salem, NJ or call us to find out more.

What if I just want to end my lease and buy a brand-new Subaru?

That's another excellent option and, of course, a very good choice. Shop our brand-new Subaru SUVs, wagons and sedans, find the one you want and contact us to schedule a test drive. You can wait till the end of your lease and pay for any lease-end costs, or if you just can't wait, you can end your lease early, cover those remaining charges and buy a new Subaru. Our on-site financing specialists can help you get the right car loan.

How do I get a new Subaru lease?

That's easily arranged at Delaware Subaru. We suggest waiting until the end of your lease to avoid early termination fees before you lease a Subaru Outback once more. Before your lease contract ends, ask about our Simplified Leasing program with Subaru Lease Loyalty savings that can lower the cost of your next Subaru lease. Subaru of America will even make your first monthly lease payment up to $500. Ask us about other great loyalty rewards.

Find out about our Vehicle Exchange to help keep your lease payments near the same level

Our Vehicle Exchange program lets you move into a new Legacy lease and a brand-new Subaru, while keeping your monthly payments near what you're currently paying. We have many different options available when you return your leased Subaru Impreza, whether you originally leased through us or another dealer. Make the short drive from Carneys Point Township, NJ to discuss your options or call us any time at Delaware Subaru in Wilmington, DE.