Drive Confidently with an All-New Subaru XV Crosstrek

When it comes to your safety, no one takes things quite as seriously as Subaru Motors.  Our engineers have dedicated themselves to designing the most secure and capable vehicles around, in order to ensure a remarkably confident drive.  Recently, Subaru has connected with a few of its drivers to hear survival stories, because, ultimately, accidents cannot always be avoided.  What we can control; however, is how well the Subaru responds during those unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. Check out the video below to hear how one woman credits her survival to her Subaru.


After her roll-over accident, Emily Knell went out and purchased an all-new Subaru XV Crosstrek.  The XV Crosstrek offers the most-cutting edge safety technology on the market, such as Smart Braking Systems, a Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame and a total of seven airbags.  Drive more confidently with an all-new Subaru at Delaware Subaru of Wilmington, DE.

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