Capability and Control with an All-New Subaru Legacy

Every day, drivers are forced to make quick decisions behind the wheel.  Some of these, unfortunately, must be split-second, life-or-death choices.  For New Yorker, Daniel Barahona, the fast maneuvers he made behind the wheel of his Subaru Legacy ended up saving his life.  When faced with a multiple car pile-up at highway speeds, Barahona was forced to turn on a dime to reduce possible impact.  To this day, he credits the exceptional handling of his Legacy for his survival in this especially dangerous situation.  Hear his gripping story first-hand below.


Here at Delaware Subaru we know that nothing comes before our drivers' safety.  Our new inventory is fully-equipped with the latest in control, handling, and overall awareness technology.  The 2015 Subaru Legacy offers Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Eyesight Driver Assist technology, and Blind-Spot Detection to keep your most precious cargo secure.  If you're interested in test driving a vehicle that will give you the confidence and comfort you deserve, come visit us at Delaware Subaru.

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