Our Wilmington, DE Subaru Dealership has Your Vehicle's Maintenance Schedule Already Planned

Driving a Subaru has many benefits, from standard AWD to strong safety features to comfortable and sensibly designed cabins. You'll also enjoy how long any Outback, Legacy or Forester maintains its value, but like any vehicle, you'll need regular maintenance and the occasional repair. Here at our Wilmington, DE Subaru dealership, we'll set you and your Subaru up with a maintenance schedule that's designed to keep your ride on the road for as long as possible. Use this handy tool to see your Subaru's maintenance schedule, then sign up for your next appointment here in Wilmington today to get started.

Our service center here in Wilmington is well-equipped and staffed to keep your Subaru running in its best condition, whether it's for simple oil changes and tire rotations, to more comprehensive checkups and inspections. By following along with your specific Subaru model's maintenance schedule, the special AWD system, the unique Boxer engine and all the other important parts and systems will be closely checked out, and our experienced technicians know how to keep everything running as it should. Taking care of the routine maintenance recommended through this schedule is an important part of keeping your Subaru's considerable resale value closest to its highest level, and for a car owner, that's a smart consideration to factor in.

Beyond helping you schedule your routine maintenance for your Subaru, our service center is reliable for any repairs you may need, or we can order replacement parts when something is worn down beyond repair. We also make it easy for you to schedule service and maintenance online, and once we have your vehicle's information, future appointments can be made even easier.

Keep your Outback, Legacy or Impreza running at its best by scheduling routine maintenance here at Delaware Subaru in Wilmington today and you'll soon see how we keep your vehicle's value up.

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