Getting a new Subaru usually involves getting Subaru financing to help pay for it. At Delaware Subaru in Wilmington, DE, it's easy to apply for auto financing. Just complete our simple online financing application to get approved for financing in advance. You can help make your new Subaru more affordable with our new Subaru specials online. You can take an even bigger step by getting a great offer on your current car as a trade-in.

Can you help people with any kind of credit?

Absolutely. The friendly, helpful experts in our Finance Center work with people from places like Hockessin, DE or Kennett Square, PA who have all kinds of credit situations: Good, bad or none at all. We specialize in helping you get the loan or lease you need and even help you get the best terms and the right financing package.

Can you help me understand the difference between a loan and a lease?

Yes, we can explain how a loan can help you build cash value in your new Subaru and become the pathway to someday own your Subaru. We can also explain how monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly loan payments, and that a lease can let you just drop off your Subaru at the end of your lease. You can then sign a new lease and drive back to your home in Pennsville, PA or Salem, NJ in another brand-new Subaru.

How can I find out more?

We'd love to talk with you any time about how to get the right kind of financing. We want you to have a plan that will fit your budget and help you get the new Subaru or the pre-owned car you and your family need. Get in touch with the specialists in our Finance Center to learn more at Delaware Subaru, not far from Carneys Point, NJ in Wilmington, DE.

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