How to Prepare Your Subaru Vehicle for Spring

With the change of the season unfortunately comes a lot of potential issues for your vehicle. Luckily, with just a little bit of seasonal service you can keep your vehicle running for longer. Read on for our advice on vehicle Spring prep in Wilmington, DE.

Check your alignment. Potholes and harsh road conditions near Rehoboth Beach can affect your alignment and ride quality, if these problems are left unchecked they cause serious wear in your tires and lower your gas mileage. It can also be dangerous if it gets too serious, as a bad wheel alignment may cause you to pull or drift out of a lane.

Check your tires for wear and correct pressure. Winter driving deals considerable wear to your tires, so check to make sure they don’t look worn out. Bring them into our service professionals near Dover and we will give you our opinion.

Change your oil. Getting an oil change near Middletown is quick and easy at our service department, and it will help keep your vehicle running at the top of its game for longer.

Bring it in for general maintenance. Winter driving, especially in a coastal region like Delaware, wears your car out. If you’re near West Chester, bring your vehicle into our service professionals and we will do a quick check up and top off everything your vehicle may need to perform at its best.

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